Friday, January 31, 2014

Progress on the quilt and swag

Yesterday we had company meeting all day. They feed us breakfast and lunch plus snacks.

They feed us breakfast and lunch plus snacks. The food was very good. I managed to get a shot of my cookie before I ate it all. I took my own tea bag since now I am totally spoiled drinking Tazo.

To keep my hands busy I brought some knitting. Here is what I took with me

Here is what it looked like by the afternoon. I would have done more but I knitted up the only skein I had brought with me. I could not believe I went thru that whole skin!

We got swag bags this year. Can you guess what was in them?

If you guessed safety glasses, gloves, purell, and ear plugs you are right!

Here is my progress on the quilt. My goal is to get this one done this weekend.

1 comment:

DanaJ said...

Hey, atleast they gave you the best kind of earplug....the ones shaped like little trees. They stay in, and are effective. !!!
Loving the shades of pink.