Monday, January 13, 2014

Pin basted and ready for quilting

I wasn't that ambitious this weekend but I did managed to get a little cleaning done and the top pieced for the red triangle quilt. It is now pin basted and ready for quilting.

I used that gold/tan fabric for the back of this one.

I had the fractured log cabin piece almost pin basted, but I got a phone call for some unexpected company so I stopped what I was doing to pick up a bit before they arrived. I only have a few more pins to add and it will be ready for quilting.

For the back I went thru my black and white fabrics to see if I had anything that would look good and I found this circle fabric.

I have the bindings for these two quilt cut also. At lunch today I think I will get some bobbins wound and get the machine set up for free motion quilting. I am going to do my all over pattern on these rather than line quilting especially since the pieces are so small on the triangle quilt, but on the triangle quilt I plan on line quilting the red triangles and maybe the adjoining white ones just to add a little detail.

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QuiltSwissy said...

And all I did was to waste my night watching TV!! Both quilts look good!