Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back from homecation

I had a busy vacation time. It was a homecation - I did not go to some exotic location. The last twelve days have gone by fast and I wonder what on earth I did. I spent the first few days making cookies, candy, pies, and sweet potato casserole for Christmas with my family. I went to one of nephew's basketball games, spent one evening taking dinner and desert to a brother's house to see what Michael got for xmas and playing a board game, got my niece's t-shirt quilt sewn together and pin basted

made myself a big pot of vegetable beef soup - six quarts! Here is what is left for lunches this week and some will go into the freezer

machine quilted this 47 1/2" x 47 1/2" quilt for a friend. She had come over and we pin basted two quilt together over the holidays. She wanted it quilted with red thread

scrubbed my dirty, dirty kitchen floor and watched way too many movies!

I did my yearly totaling up of how much quilting thread I used in 2013.
For 2013 I used 41,820 yards of quilting thread. 2012 my total was 21,470, and for 2011 it was 34,100.

I also emptied my empty spool mason jar to see how many spools of quilting and regular sewing thread I emptied in 2013.

I emptied 43 spools in 2013.


Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh! That's a lot of thread! Well done!
Love the t-shirt quilt, especially that you added in a little zig zag block.

Dar said...

Congrats on emptying so many spools. I save my spools too, but since a lot of my spools are cone size from my quilting machine, it might not look as many as yours.