Friday, January 3, 2014

And snow it goes

I walked home after work in the snow and howling wind. The wind was the worst part. Once I got home - it took about 25 minutes to go a mile trudging thru 6" of snow - I needed to shovel the driveway. I had my lighter weight jacket on, but I never really got cold since I was moving. I had my iPod playing in my ears thru my new over the ear headphones I got for working at my company for 10 years. Next week it will be 11. My ears never got cold, but it was so cold outside that after an hour outside my iPod quit working. This morning I solved that problem by putting the iPod in my bra so it would stay nice and warm on my walk to work.

While I was outside last night I noticed that the tv dish was snow covered so I had to get out my jerry rigged taped together poles with a rag at the end to reach a story and a half to get the snow off the dish.

We are still getting lake effect snow and we have about 8" on the ground now. The city will not plow the cul-de-sac, so I walked again to work today. My car is not good in that much snow since it is so low to the ground. I bundled up in my son's coat, a Notre Dame Starter jacket, that I bought him when he was in high school a number of years ago, my boots with the Yak Trax

my headphones to keep my ears warm, a flashlight, and gloves of course. The conditions varied from streets that had been plowed

streets not plowed, but the snow was somewhat compacted by cars

to walking thru 8" of snow. Here my feet are buried! It is hard to walk thru snow that deep!

The parking lot at the high school that I cut across was plowed sometime last night, but it had continued to snow so there was about an 1" on the lot by this morning. The 1" was much easier to walk thru compared to the 6" - 7" I trudged thru on my way home last night!

I did get started on a project. This is a baby quilt for a member of a band my brother tours with. So far I free cut a square and some strips. This quilt will be made with all music fabric. Duh.

I feel blessed to have the financial means to be able to build a stash so that I can go shopping in my fabric storage room. I have a lot of music fabric so it is easy to put together a special quilt.

I also feed blessed that my office moved so close to where I work so I can walk. The guys told me the roads are terrible. I would have dreaded trying to drive the 3.5 miles to where the office previously was. Take care and stay warm!


Vicki W said...

Well you are getting your daily exercise done easily!

QuiltSwissy said...

It is fun looking at all the snow. We get snow, maybe once in 10 years or so. And even then only enough that stays on the grass for an hour or so.

BeckyK said...

Wow! That is dedication! We have more snow forcasted for Sunday--hope it avoids your area.