Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 degrees and more pieces and parts

Yesterday afternoon it got up to 22 degrees and it was quite pleasant. I checked the sinks again this morning and the hot water line on one of them is froze up again and now I have lost the garage door opener. Yesterday when I went over to my brother's house there was a bat in the living room. Guess who had to take care of that?! Will this ever end? Can you tell that these annoying bumps in the road drive me crazy?

Here is what the baby quilt looks like now. I think I will piece something with that red drum fabric to add some color to this piece.


Vicki W said...

There are so many bats with rabies in Virginia that you have to get treatment even if you find a dead one in you house.

upstateLisa said...

Yuck! I feel your pain! We don't have bats this year but have had them in the house in past summers.. .as for the frozen pipe, we have resorted to leaving our tap in our kitchen dripping at night when it goes below 0... otherwise, no hot water! ARGH