Monday, November 11, 2013

Progress on many fronts

This weekend was not just about getting the quilting done on Justin's quilt, although that did happen. I did the majority of the quilting on Sunday because I was so tired on Saturday. Here is the front

a detail shot

and for the first time showing you, the back. The back is going to be embellished with the buttons off the shirts and jacket once I get the binding on. I am going to face this piece with the seersucker jacket scraps since that was a favorite jacket of Justin's.

After I got the machine quilting done on Sunday I went out and did 4 hours of yard work. I had planned on doing the yard work on Saturday, but with 20+ miles an hour winds it didn't make sense to try and clean up the yard. So Sunday the winds had died down and it was onto yard work which included mowing the front and the back, planting this cora bell

digging up the canna and cleaning out the flower bed

I ended up with five small bags of canna rhizomes for planting next year

Then I needed to protect this evergreen tree. It is on my property but very close to the neighbor's driveway. If we get a lot of snow it could easily be stepped on or damaged with a lot of extra snow from their driveway.

Now it is protected

I finally finished up at 5 p.m. because I was getting tired and it was getting dark. I did take this shot of the sunset.

This morning I had some extra time before I had to head to work so I laid out the duvetyne for the screen panels I need to make for my brother. Michael called me with the size so I took those measurement and figured out my cutting plan for today. These won't take long to make, but we need them for this weekend for the big show. I am making them with a window in them so my brother can see out to the audience. I will be using fiberglass window screening so you won't be able to see in, but Mike will be able to see out - well, at least that is the plan!


QuiltSwissy said...

so interesting about the divider with the window.

Justin's piece is looking great.

we are getting coldcoldcold here this week!

Vicki W said...

You don't waste a minute! The quilt is looking great.