Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Progress on Justin's quilt and new lights for the studio

I went thru my quilting thread and I think I found most of the colors I need for Justin's quilt. There are a lot of colors in this piece!

I started quilting it last evening. I used a walking foot first quilting the long red and green plaid piece.

I didn't have any problems so I decided to try and free motion the tan and plaid fabric. It is cotton, but the backing in this area is a cotton/poly blend. I went slow and so far no issues. I think the problem I had on the polyester quilt I did earlier this summer was that the batting was also polyester. I am using 80/20 and it is going fine. I will know more once I try free motion quilting a 100% polyester fabric like the brown with white polka dots.
Here is the front and back of what is quilted so far.

This weekend I picked up some new overhead lights for the studio. The lights that are in there are original to the house. Even with the lights on the room is dark!
I read Melody Johnson's blog, Fibermania, and she and Dave are in the middle of a big remodeling project. She had bought new lights for her relocated sewing studio and I asked her what she bought. She was so kind to reply and this weekend I stopped at Lowe's and found the lights. After the two day gig the band is participating in on November 15 and 16th, my brother said he would come and help me again on the house. I will need to paint the ceiling before installing the lights. It needs painted bad.

The big gig Nov. 15 and 16 is a benefit for Sonny Geraci who was a member of the 60's bands Climax and The Outsiders and is from Cleveland, Ohio. He has suffered a brain aneurism and the medical bills are huge. He is recovering slowly. There are over 20 acts coming into town to play. Michael's band gets to play and has been billed as the house band. There are promoters and music people coming in from all over the country to support the event. Now Michael is only 15 years old and he came up with the idea of buying guitar pics with the event logo on them to give to all the performers. What a thoughtful kid! Here is what the pics look like.
Someone emailed him back after they got the email for the pics and told him to have lots of CD's to sign! Looks like I will be very busy at the merchandise table!

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Vicki W said...

That quilt is going to be awesome!