Monday, August 12, 2013

So much to do

I didn't get any fabric dyeing done on Saturday - now I am really behind on getting my stuff ready for my dye class on the 18th. After spending most of the day in Dover visiting I had to make another stop on the way back and I didn't get back to the house until 9 p.m. After being in and out of the heat all day I was beat.

Sunday I spent time cleaning the kitchen, packaging up the chicken I bought to put in the freezer (I did throw some in a marinate for later on), and doing some laundry. I finally got up enough energy to start some dyeing. I want to make examples of different techniques. I started out with the basic low immersion 8 way graduated. I had been keeping the plastic Dole juice bottles and it worked great for mixing the dye. The mouth is wide enough for putting the teaspoons of powdered dye into the bottle and after adding the 800 ml of water there is plenty of room for shaking the mixture.

After I got the dye containers all set up and the fabric soaking I went outside to mow. I used these gallon water jugs to dye the fat quarter pieces.

It was at least 75 out and that is still too hot for me. I had to mow the back for sure - it was a hayfield! The grass in the back was still a bit damp so I will have to go and finish the slope with a weed eater. I have a lot on the schedule this week so I will just have to keep pounding away at the things to do list.

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