Monday, August 5, 2013

Progress on the Halloween quilt and the hawks

It was so nice to get back to working on the Halloween quilt. I managed to get five blocks quilted. So I now have 10 out of thirty blocks quilted.

Then I also started quilting the striped border. Here is a picture of one section from the front and the back.

I did spend some time working in the yard. I have a contractor coming in the next week or two to fix the brick around this window.

Below the window is a planting bed gone wild. I had to get it cleared out so the contractor could set up his ladder to fix the window. I dug up two Lenten roses and transplanted them in the back yard, trimmed the heck out of the bush on the right, and cut a few branches off the mugo pine. I was dripping so bad with sweat I just couldn't do anymore. This was Sunday morning at 8 am! I wasn't really that hot, just humid. The grass was soaking wet and by the time I got done my feet were squishing in my shoes. I forgot to take an after picture - I will post one tomorrow.

The hawks were buzzing all over the place. Here is one of the juvenile hawk on the deck railing. The are almost as big as the mom hawk and it is getting hard to tell them apart.
Dad was perched high on the telephone pole in the front.
The juveniles on the neighbor's roof.
Here is mom sitting on the deck railing just outside my kitchen window. I was doing some dishes and shredding some pork and it didn't seem to bother her that I was so close. I think as long as I don't make any quick movements or make a loud noise they will just sit there.


QuiltSwissy said...

Those pics are so cool. And your progress on the Halloween quilt is eerily sneaking forward!

Vicki W said...

I am so jealous of your hawk show! So glad you got to quilt again!