Friday, August 2, 2013

Museum, pulled pork, quilt rescue, and pillowcase progress

It was Thursday so I was down at the museum again for the Downtown at Dusk. The band was set up in the parking lot but it started to sprinkle so they moved the band to under the canopy where we sell beverages. It was kind of loud so I got the earplugs I keep in the car for when I work my nephew's shows. You can just see the band off to the left down at the bottom of the steps.

Here is a shot with the beverage table in it so you can see everyone was packed under the canopy.

The barbeque place was there again and it smelled so good. Here is their menu and Bobby pulling the pork. There are only two more weeks of Downtown at Dusk and they are coming for the last two weeks.

On my way home the sky was beautiful.

One of the volunteers brought a quilt that her grandmother had made. Someone in her family decided to have someone quilt and bind it to give to her. She is distraught because she knows enough that whomever finished this quilt did a hack job. She hates the hearts in the middle of the wedding rings and they way they bound it - are you kidding me?! They rolled the back to the front and zig zagged the edges of the quilt top down. The woman is very upset and yes, I am going to fix it for her. She at least is not in a hurry. The backing is crap and they used polyester batting - yuck!

While I was waiting for my clothes to get done in the dryer this morning before work, I cut the pieces for the pillowcase.

This weekend is a Patty weekend! I am not going anywhere! No concerts to roadie, no grocery shopping, nothing! I am staying home and doing what I want to do - well, at least that is the plan!

Have a great weekend!


Exuberant Color said...

Just practice saying "NO" and you will have the weekend to yourself.

That is really a pathetic job on the quilt!

Brenda said...

How are you going to fix it? Do you have to take out all the stitching?