Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More dyeing results

I bought some of this stuff call Color Magnet. It comes in a jar and pen form.

I decided to try it out by stamping it but the stuff is like slime or snot and not easy to get to stick to a stamp. I should have bought the pen which has a foam end for applying the product. When I saw stamping was not going to work I decided I would free style it and brush on some stripes. I let the product dry and on Sunday we threw it into one of the dye pots and this is the result.
The spots where I had heavier blobs the dye absorbed more and is darker. It didn't seep threw to the back much. I am going to have to play with this stuff a bit more.

Another technique I showed was putting the dye powder on wet soda ash soaked fabric. This first piece I scrunched the piece - a pinky coral color - and sprinkled on burnt orange. To me it looks like the fabric is rusted.
This next piece I just laid flat and sprinkled the dye powder around. I did spray it with a bit more water. I should have thrown on some salt to see what that would do. I started out with fabric that was pink and threw on hot pink dye powder.
This last piece was also pink and I sprinkled on fuchsia powder. I rolled the fabric and then twisted it. I let it sit for an hour then rinsed.


MariQuilts said...

Looks like you are having fun experimenting.

Vicki W said...

What fun! Since I already have asthma I am afraid to work with dye powders so I miss this kind of fun.