Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hand dyed fabric

Next month I am going to give a presentation to a guild on improv piecing. They are ok with me setting up a table to show some of my hand dyed fabric. I am going thru my hand dyes right now turning them into fat quarters and a few half yard pieces. I haven't been using hand dyed fabric as much and now it will be an opportunity for someone else to make something with them. Here is a picture of one full box of FQ's and the beginnings of another. The small shoe box is the 1/2 yard pieces.

Here is the fabric I still need to wrangle into FQ's. It takes more time than I thought it would. I still have a nice stash for myself on the shelf. I did find that the greens and blues have a tendency to develop fold lines where the color fades out. I don't know if this was due to too much light or not. My fabric storage room now has room darkening curtains that I made so light is not an issue. Before the new curtains I had some flannel covering the windows. I have sorted those pieces out as I have gone thru the fabric and will over dye those sometime in the future.

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