Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fabric gift and cookies

I received a package yesterday from my brother. He stopped at a shop in NYC - AKN Fabrics, Inc. - and sent me three 6 yard pieces of fabric. He said the shop was small, no windows, but the fabric was stacked to the ceiling!

I always make cookies for the last Downtown @ Dusk. Since tonight is the last night I spent my evening making these French Butter Cookies. I made a double batch, but I am not sure it will be enough. Well, when they are gone, they're gone!


Vicki W said...

You have a good brother! Good job training him. :-)

QuiltSwissy said...

What a wonderful brother! Mine is totally oblivious. At least Frank is cognizant of the fact he can sit in the car while I go inside and play in a store while we are on the road.

I need just one attentive male in my life. I guess I will have to settle for poor, moneyless, driver licenseless DiNozzo!