Friday, August 9, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday my glasses broke. I thought that they wouldn't ever break because they were made out of that titanium stuff. Well, the nose piece just snapped and I was at work without glasses. My vision is bad! I take very good care of my glasses because I am helpless without them.

I did have my prescription sunglasses so I went to the house at lunch to find my old glasses. The prescription is very close to my broken glasses so seeing would not be an issue. The big difference is the weight. These glass weight three or four times more than my new glasses. The new nose piece is on order, so I will just have to find the time to head to Dover to get the glasses fixed.

We were busy last night at the museum. Thank goodness we were inside and the band was outside under the canopy. I forgot to take pictures, but the place was packed! I brought three quilts and a photo album to show Bobby and Amy from Old Carolina bar-b-que. Bobby wanted to see the quilts I made for Bob Jovi. He really wants a baseball themed quilt with some Chief Wahoo fabric incorporated into the quilt. I have some Chief Wahoo and some baseball fabric in my stash so I will send him some picture. If we do the deal, I will have to look around for a few more pieces of baseball/Cleveland Indians fabric to add to what I already have. Oh, and I did get back the pair of shoes I left there last Thursday. I had changed into tennis shoes and left my dress shoes under the table.

This weekend will be all about getting ready for the dye class next Sunday. I have lots to do!

Have a great weekend!

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Vicki W said...

That is one reason that I always have at least 2 pairs of glasses. I also just love them and at one time had 7. I can't justify that on my current income anymore!