Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 10 wedding quilt quilting

I know this is not very exciting, but it is what I am doing right now. At my current pace I should have this quilt quilted by September 17th so please bear with me! Here is the 19th block quilted.

Last evening there were two doe and a large fawn having dinner in my backyard. The one doe is hard to see. She is on the right near the trees. This is one really bad picture! I had one knee on the washer while I was leaning toward the window to take the picture with one hand. It was also taken thru the screen and the post in the middle is for the deck above. At least the pictures blurs the mess my backyard is in right now. Until this heat and humidity breaks I just can't go outside and get it cleaned up and mowed. Maybe the timing of the weather will happen as I finish the wedding quilt.

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QuiltSwissy said...

So beautiful. That is certainly a labor of love you are doing. I know they will treasure it.

Which reminds me, are you the person who had to climb down from the upper deck because you were locked out and no one else was home?