Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring weather

It was so warm this weekend (mid to high 40's)I decided to get out and do some of the yard work I was not able to do in November because of my surgery. The brush had gotten out of hand at the tree line in the backyard. I worked clearing the brush for 3 hours on Saturday using a pair of loppers. It is hard to tell in the pictures, but this on a hill so I had to drag all the brush up to the yard. Here is the before

And the after:

On Sunday, I got up and put together my fire pit I bought last summer so I could cut up the brush and burn it. I spent another three hours cutting material with the hand clippers down to a size to fit into the fire pit.

Here is the pile of brush before. It is about 20' by 20' and 3 - 4' tall.

The after - this is going to be slow work since most of what left is sticker bushes with these nasty thorns. The plies the left - the far left is larger sticks I will have to use the loppers to cut down so they will fit into the fire pit and the pile to the right of that is material all cut to size and ready to burn.

I found some daffodils that are confused. No it is not spring yet go back to sleep!

I did squeeze in some sewing. I got the pink, gray and brown zig zag top done. I trimmed it

Pinned it
And started quilting it

I will try to continue cutting up the brush after work this until it gets to dark, to cold, or rains/snow then I will head indoors to quilt. I think I have a busy week ahead.

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