Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little sewing done

I started sewing together the pink, gray and brown zig zag quilt that has been hanging on my design wall for at least a month. I have the first two rows in the lower left sewn together. Now I like to live on the edge so I will let you know that the outside triangles are half square pieces so the outside edge of this quilt will all be on bias. I have done this before and as long as I am careful with my pressing and machine quilting, I have never had a problem. I would not recommend this to beginners though.

Here is the next row at the machine ready for assembly.

Wednesday at 1:30 in the morning I was up for a natural break and looked out the bedroom window. There were five deer sleeping in the back yard. I couldn't take a picture so here is a picture I took as soon as I got home when it was still light. You can see the oval areas where they were laying. The other two deer were on the other side of the yard.

When I took the trash can out this morning I could see where the deer had come thru the yard last night and stopped to investigate the front flower bed for anything eatable.

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