Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dutch wax quilt pictures and snow

Here are the pictures of the Dutch wax quilt I promised. I forgot to measure it as usual, but it does cover a queen sized bed with plenty of overhang.
The front

The back

We now have snow on the ground. We had another day last week that the ground was covered, but it warm up that day and it all melted. It has gotten cold - 20 degrees - so the snow is staying. We have lucked out with the weather up until now, but we did not get as much snow as those crazed weatherpeople said we were going to get which is a good thing! I was concerned about shoveling because of my surgery, but I haven't had to shovel since we haven't had much snow - another good thing. I have slowly started to exercise to strengthen my core and uppper body and I can tell the difference already. I need to be able to pull the starter cord on the mower next year and it takes a pretty good yank to get it going!

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