Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where do I begin part 2

Day 3 Sunday - Stage 2 of the TdF - the team time trial. Garmin-Cevelo came out on top, won the stage, and the maillot jaune (yellow jersey) went to Thor Hushovd (in the team picture he is on the left in the white rainbow striped jersey).

It was very humid again - a great excuse to stay indoors and sew. I did see Bubba and mom out back, and another doe with a set of twins. Here is the dutch wax Day 3
I did end up going outside at 7 p.m. and mow the grass. I was drenched after an hour and a half of that!

Monday - Day 4 - Stage 3 TdF - a stage for the sprinters and it was exciting. Thor remains in the yellow and Tyler Farrar of Garmin-Cervelo (same tear Thor is on) won the stage. Tyler is from the USA - Thor is from Norway.
I spent some time sewing together the sections and trimming the strips on the bottom half of the dutch wax piece. I still have two rows to sew together and trim. I should have finished this, but I was just dog tired.

I took a couple of Excedrine and watched Hoarders and American Choppers for a couple of hours. Hoarders made me want to get up and clean house so I did get the vacuum out and vacuumed up the sewing studio and went upstairs and did the kitchen! I did some laundry and made cheese ravoili from scratch, watched MasterChef and went to bed at 9.

I still have to get to the weeds - they are unreal - and I didn't get any alterations done either. I need another 4 days off!

I watched Stage 4 of the TdF last night and here is a picture of the result for the stage win after 107 miles:
Here is the stage winner Cadel Evans team BMC
and the GC leader in yellow still is my man Thor who is leading Cadel by one second - yes, one second
The commentators thought Thor would lose the yellow jersey on yesterday's stage, but I knew from seeing him ride in past races that he had the strenght to keep up. He didn't need to win the stage, he just needed to finish in the same group with Cadel and he did.

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Vicki W said...

I've watched Hoarders a few times and I have the same reaction. I always need to throw something out after I watch it. Some of the episodes make me physically ill. How to people get like that?
How did you get into following bike racing? It's not something that I've ever paid attention to. In fact, you are the only person that I know who does! I'm just a simple NFL girl!
The quilt is looking good!