Monday, July 18, 2011

Updates on the zig zag quilt and the TDF

I worked on the quilt while watching the TDF. I get nervous when the crowds are so close to the riders on the mountain stages and it is hard for me to watch so I sew and just look up here and there. Starting with the top rows - rows 1 thru 7 are all sewn together, Rows 8 thru 11 are sewn together, Rows 12 and 13 the blocks are sewn into rows, and rows 14 thru 17 still need the blocks sew to make rows. It is funny to see once the blocks are sewn together how much shorter they are than the blocks just layed side by side - see the lower right hand corner of the quilt. I had to make a few more patches. I did not have enough of the right colors in the pile of patches I had already made.

My favorite rider, Thor Hushovd, won mountain stage 13. That was a suprise to the commentators since Thor is a sprinter, but I have seen Thor rock a mountain stage in the past so I was not suprise - just delighted! Cavendish is still in green and Voeckler is still in yellow as of Stage 15. Today is a rest day. There were a few individal crashes this weekend, but no broken bones - just road rash and stitches.

I wasted a lot of time on Sunday procrasting working on the alterations. I watched a movie, made homemade pizza, cleaned up the sewing studio, did laundry, shall I go on? I broke down and started going thru the pile of alterations and doing the easy stuff first. I hemmed three pairs of pants and have 3 more ready for zig zagging the hems and then I will hand sew the hems. I am going to try and stick with a schedule this week - spend one hour on the zig zag quilt and one and one half hour on alterations to try to put a dent in both.


Vicki W said...

I love that zig zag quilt! Alterations? Not so much but they have to be done.

Exuberant Color said...

I love the zig zag. I'm going to have to do one like yours with all of the scraps and Kona Snow. I would be avoiding the alterations too. Your plan sounds good and you'll get done just before the next group comes in the door, lol!!