Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moving forward on alterations

Last evening I got the zig zagging done on three pairs of pants and hand stitched the hems. This is the bag where I am placing the items that are completed. I put in two pair of the pants - the third pair is lined so I will need to shorten the lining before they are done and go into the bag. By the way, these are not my clothes. They belong to an x-cousin by marriage and her daughter. We are still friends after all these years and I can't say no. So I met part of my time management goal last evening. I didn't get anything done on the zig zag quilt. We will try again tonight!
We finally got some rain last night! It is still overcast so hopefully we will continue to get more. It has not rained for several weeks and the ground was rock hard. No way to easily weed with that hard ground. Here are some pictures of the daylillies this morning refreshed with the rain.

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Quilt or Dye said...

May daylilies are blooming too! I love daylilies!