Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the design wall

I played around a bit and decided to start throwing some of my patches up on the design wall for the family Xmas quilt. I just love zig zag quilts! I expect by the time I am done this will be a queen sized quilt.

The rest day Monday was very helpful to many riders nursing their wounds. The good news is the Juan Antonio Flecha who was hit by the media car was back in the race on Tuesday. He had both elbows and knees bandaged from the tumble he took across the pavement.

Here is Johnny Hoogeland receiving his King of the Mountain polka dot jersey on Sunday after he went down in the same accident as Flecha, but Hoogeland ended up on the barbed wire fence. After the race he had to have 33 stitches in his legs. He got back on the bike on Tuesday and completed the stage. Talk about being tough! By the way, the rider who was reported of having a suspected fracture pelvis - well he broke the head off his femur. He is having surgery and looking at 3 months of rehab. It was unfortunate because he was retiring after this tour.

Another daylilly from the garden. We have been getting some rain, so maybe the ground will soften up and make it easier to pull weeds this weekend.


Exuberant Color said...

I love zig zags too and thought I was done with them, but I think I have another brewing, lol!

That is a beautiful color daylily.

QuiltSwissy said...

Your flowers are beautiful. We had daylillies in hammond but none here. I do have Louisiana Irises however.

We had a picture of the race finish in the paper this morning, nearly photo finish!

Cracked the head off his!