Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yesterday's mail and my muse

Here is the wonderful postcard I received from Linda Robertus, Quilts q-linda.blogspot.com. I just love it! I will be hanging it in my studio with the other art pieces I have collected from other textile artists like Lisa Call and Robin Ferrier. The colors of the thread Linda used for satin stitching the edges is the perfect finishing touch! Thank you Linda!

Here is the pincushion I made this past weekend. I waited to post it until I ran it by Victoria at http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com. She was my muse for this and she said that I had her blessing to post the pincushion and that I had made it my own. I had a bunch of silk scraps left from when I use to work at a shop that made custom clothes for people who showed western horses. We made blouses and outfits out of silk dupioni(spelling?) and of course we saved the scraps for alterations or repairs. We were slow at the shop one time so it became cleaning the shop day. They gave away a bunch of the silk scraps so I snatched those babies right up! I used embroidery floss for the hand quilting. Mine is improvisationly pieced whereas Victoria's are appliqued: I used silk and Vic's are shot cotton so there are a few differences. I plan on making more of these to use up those scraps. I think they will make great gifts. Thanks Victoria!

It is finally raining today! It is suppose to clear up later on today so maybe I can get back out in the garden and transplant the daylillies and cora bells.


Linda Robertus said...

Hi Patty, I'm so glad that my postcard made it all the way to you and that you like it.
Love your pincushion!
Best wishes,

Victoria said...

I really love what you did with your pincushion, Patty! Also the postcard is beautiful! (I bet the mail carrier wanted to keep it!) xo Vic

patty a. said...

Linda and Victoria, Thanks for the coments.