Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A reason not to put sugar in your tea ...

I was downloading my pictures this morining and after I pulled the end of the cord out of the computer I dropped it into my tea! S**t! I dried it off, blew on it, and shook it around to try and dry it. I plugged it back into the computer and it still works! Yeah!!! If there was sugar in the tea, sometimes it gums up the contacts. I remember my son spilling tea on the TV remote and the sugar gummed the whole works up.

Last night was perfect for working in the yard. Sunny but cool. The ground was nice and soft from the morning rain. This picture is not the area I worked in (I forgot to take a picture). It is similar to what I was dealing with, but much worse with lots and lots of grass. I spent 2 1/2 hours digging, ripping, and transplanting. I swear I am going to keep up with any grass that finds its way into the bed so I don't end up with this mess again!

This is the result of my work. Looks pretty good to me! Oops - I forgot to move that rock that is next to the edging.

Now take a look at what I have left to do in this center bed!

Here is the sea mist just getting ready to bloom. It gets the sweetest little pink flowers on it. There are hundreds of buds on it right now. I will post a picture when it blooms - probably in the next couple of days. Yes, there is a grape hyacinth and some daffadil leaves growing thru the sea mist.

This is one of the Helleborus that is now 5 days in the ground. It has a second leaf. I plan on taking a picture of this plant every week to document its progress. I just happy I have not killed it!


Vicki W said...

After you are done there would you come and landscape my 10 acres?

Victoria said...

You just described how I spent last weekend. Your results look very pretty! As for tea... I always drink mine plain...whew!