Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I didn't post a picture of the green cow quilt so here it is. There are cows in the blue fabric and the major color is green thus the name. The strips of fabric to the left of it was the binding I orginally had planned for this quilt, but I didn't like the green of the blocks with this binding. Something just wasn't right. I am much happier with the binding I ended up using even though I thought it was a little tame.

Here is the back.

Here is my new toy. I ended up buying two - one for myself and one for my son. They had a really good price on them on HSN and with flex pay it made it real affordable. To clean the house for the last few years I have been using a shop vac! Of course, I have had lots of construction. Last year I began the demo of both of my bathrooms - what a mess. I started the serious demo in May and with the help of a contractor started putting the bathrooms back together in September. Therefore nothing but a shop vac would due! I still have some punch list items that need done in the lower level bathroom, and the tile for the walls and floor plus the finish electrical and plumbing needs done upstairs, but at least the majority of the dirty work is done. I would not want to ruin my new dyson with construction dust!

This is on my design wall. What is on yours?

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