Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I like to keep track of how much I have done on a project when I am quilting it. Why? Sometimes it is just to document how much progress I am making. For the Moda Halloween quilt it was for meeting a deadline. It is one of those things I just like to do.

I didn't have much time to quilt last evening as I had company. While I was waiting for Kris to show up and it was a beautiful warm evening (in the low 50's) for December, I decided to load the trash bin for Wednesday's pickup since it was suppose to rain on Tuesday and rake up leaves and fallout from my neighbor's 35' arborvitae.
After an hour of raking and trash pickup (stuff left from the garage project), I moved two loads of leaves, etc. to the recycle pile before Kris showed up.

She had a dress she needs me to hem. It is made from a dark purple tricot weight fabric and will take a bit a patience to sew, but it is totally doable.

She brought me a plate of Xmas cookies and I gave her a jar of my Mango Butter Goat Milk Cream and a bar of goat milk soap. The cookies are going to work - I cannot eat them! After sitting on my butt for the last two months working constantly on the Moda Halloween quilt - well, let's just say it isn't pretty!

I did manage to run thru two bobbins so I am now getting my rhythm back so machine quilting the flannel quilt should go quicker. My machine is behaving itself and the flannel is becoming easier to handle the more I work on it. I have 10 of 120 blocks quilted which is 8.3%. I will just get what I can done between work, everyday stuff I need to do, and getting in some exercise.

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