Friday, July 6, 2012

LLVL quilt progress and need your eyes

I now have 50% of the centers quilted. Here is a look at a couple more I quilted last night. I plan on having this done this weekend.

I received my order from Hancock's yesterday. I had ordered 30 yards of Moda backing. They sent me two 16 yard bolts - one still wrapped and the other one looked like nothing had ever been cut from it. I just had to measure the bolt not wrapped and there was 15 2/3 yards on it. A little extra! Thank you Hancock's! Gee, I wonder how long this backing will last?

I also bought some half yard pieces of fabric. Here is where I need your eyes - I need to make a piano themed quilt and a drum themed quilt. If you see any drum or piano fabric would you please make a note of where you saw it for me? That way I can check it out to see if I have that fabric yet or ordered some if I don't have it yet. Thanks!

After I finish the LLVL quilt, my next project is to make a step zig zag quilt from these strips of fabric I cut out a couple of months ago.

Have a great weekend!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Check out and key in piano or music or drums in the search and you will come up with tons of patterns you are looking for.

Love the LLVL quilt. I love the name as well. I would not have asked what it meant figuring you had already said it and I should have known it somewhere along the line.

Yeah! Going for more Ziggy Zags!