Friday, June 1, 2012

Ready for the weekend

This week has flown by! I spent some time last evening cutting quilt backing and batting to match up to some of the quilts on the list I posted on May 30th.

I should have bought more quilt backing when I worked at Miller's last month. What was I thinking? I cut the last of the wide backing I had purchased by the bolt for two of the quilts above. SO now it is time to get creative with the backs. Remember the stack of backing scraps I had left after the last bunch of baby quilts I finished?
Well this stack is going to be pieced together for the backing for the rest of the quilts. After all it is just sitting there and it will be great getting these pieces used up in a positive way. I will try a keep a rough estimate of how much I use up and post a picture of what I have left after I get all the backs assembled.

I noticed that the robin's nest had fallen off the deck support. Here is the underside of the deck.

The nest was upside down on the ground.

I had to flip the next over hoping that there were no dead baby birds and thankfully they were none!

Right now I am full of energy and excitement to get this weekend underway. I have some stuff going on I can't tell you about yet. If things don't work out I will be highly disappointed, but not devastated. There is always another opportunity out there. In the meantime all this anticipation has kicked my productivity and enthuasiam into high gear!

Have a great weekend!

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