Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Now my fabric goodies

One of my brothers is getting married this year so I bought fabric for a beach inspired quilt. It will be some kind of improv pieced quilt with beach colors. I am still mulling over what I want to make, but here are the fabrics I have so far

My niece wanted a t-shirt quilt for her graduation present. She graduated a year ago and I still don't have the t-shirts, but I hear they are getting closer to Akron. Her favorite color is orange and wants me to use orange in the quilt. I had a heck of a time finding any quanitity of orange fabric that I liked. The fabric on the right was from The Material Girl in Dover and the rest were from Miller's. This is another case of making decisions as I construct the quilt - once I get the t-shirts!

I made a quilt for my son and his wife for their wedding using her favorite colors of green, blue and purple. I picked up these pieces for another quilt for them in the future. The colors are great and that way they can switch quilts around. All of these fabrics were from Miller's.

My sister took ownership of the flannel quilt I had made her husband years ago before he was her husband. I told her I would make her own quilt so she did not have to wrap up in the green plaid quilt with deer on it. She wanted pink and lavender. Sorry, but gross! I hate pink and lavender esp. together. Well, I found an abstract print flannel that was not a child-like print and a few intense pinks to go with it. I don't know what exactly what the quilt will look like, I just bought enough fabric so I would have plenty to work with.

I stopped at The Material Girl because they were having a sale also and stocked up on fabrics I love for girl quilts. If I finished the bolt off they gave me 40% off! These are great pinks!

Some low volume and a great yellow bargain basement piece from Miller's.

I just thought these were fun Dr. S fabrics from The Material Girl.

Sheet music fabric from Miller's for my music fabric stash, and a car fabric for a specific project from The Material Girl.

I think I have enough to keep me busy awhile!


Vicki W said...

Those are some great choices! I'm with you on the pink and lavender. ick.

Unknown said...

You are a fabric fiend.

Loving that hot pink fabric with the overprinted oblong shapes.

Dana J

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Some great buys! Love them all but my total favorite it the "low volume yellows and grays" In fact, at the new quilt shop yesterday I nearly bought a yard of the entire line that was low volumen yellow and gray! (I resisted, because I really don't need more fabric!)

glen: But I wanted them!