Friday, December 23, 2011

Pillowcase, pie, and the Xmas quilt - oh my!

I didn't get home until 10:30 last night from watching my nephew play. Let's see how long I last today until I crash! Michael did a great job playing. My brother was in from South Carolina and jamed with the band too. Another brother who nows lives in L.A. helped with the equipment - that's what he does for a living. After the set Michael said he was looking forward to xmas and getting a new musical pillowcase. Oops! I hadn't planned on making any pillowcases this year, but I don't want to disappoint him so that has been added to the list of things to do by noon tomorrow. We have xmas on xmas eve in my family. My Mom set that up years ago so everyone who had in-laws could go there for xmas day. I started digging out fabrics for the pillowcases this morning

I hope we get out of work early because I have to make a pumpkin pie, a pecan pie, and sweet potato casserole. I always make my own crust so that adds to the time this will take, but I just can't get myself to buy pie crust. As soon as I get the pies in the oven then I can concentrate on sewing. I don't know that the xmas quilt will be done - it wouldn't be the first time. Darn - being sick sure messed my schedule up, but then again I have a great excuse for not getting it done!

I plan on doing a little work in the fabric storage room after all the xmas stuff is over. Do you remember what was going on? I moved all the fabric and shelves next door into the bedroom I finished (except for the baseboard) and started on the fabric storage room.
My brother moved my bed upstairs, I had torn out the floor before I had gotten sick, along with painting the ceiling, walls, and trim.
While I was off the last six weeks, my brother came over and installed the baseboard for me. It needs caulked, nail holes filled, and a coat of touch up paint. I want to get that done so I can move the fabric back. Now that the bed is gone my brother moved in a desk that I had which will be great to lay fabric out on. The windows still need trimmed out, but the shelves will not be in front of the windows so I can still get them to finish that job. Once the windows are trimmed all I will need to do is make some window covers and the room will be done - yeah!

Have a wonderful holiday!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

LOL. Sounds like you are well again!

I want to see those musical pillowcases. Will you piece the pieces in the pillowcase? I had not thought of that not thinking out of the box I am....

glen: merry christmas if I don't see you before then! LOL