Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 days to go and a little sewing too!

I feel that I am on schedule or just a little ahead. I had a productive evening.
I got the first coat of paint on the window trim and the second coat on the closet doors. I will have to wait until tonight to see if I need a third coat. The people that lived in the house before me were smokers and sometimes the yellow comes thru as the case for the doors in this house. I had primed and painted them numerous times, but they still look a little yellow to me. Since the door to the fabric storage room was leaning against the wall I threw another coat of paint on one side. I will turn the door around and put another coat on the other side tonight. This was not in the schedule, but it did not take long and since I had the paint can out why not?

I also got the grille cover back on the heating duct and make some brown rice for breakfast tomorrow. I sat down at the sewing machine and put together those last 6 blocks for the third pink and brown quilt, trimmed them, and hung them on the design wall. Tonight I will put the top together.

I decided I needed to make an arty piece to celebrate National Metal Day 11-11-11. I made up a word doc and printed it on fabric. I plan on using some gray fabric paint to color it - it is just too white. I dug out my most metal fabrics that will go into the piece. I also bought some metal studs - pyramid shaped and some that are skulls to embellish this piece. Since I am so short on time, this will not be a big piece. I am aiming for around 30" x 38".
This piece will follow along with the look of this quilt I made earlier this year for a metalhead

How many of you out there is going to celebrate National Metal Day on 11-11-11? How do you plan on celebrating? VH1 Classic has a lot of great programming leading up to NMD and all day on the 11th. That ought to keep me moving while I continue my remodeling!

Yesterday's sunrise was beautiful and the day was also beautiful. I don't know how warm it got, but it was really nice outside. Here is this morning's sunrise. I think we could be in for another lovely day!

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