Friday, March 5, 2010

One block done

This is the first block for the pink and brown baby quilt. The finish size right now is 9 1/2 x 11. I may adjust and recut the blocks because the porportions are not quite right. It seems the direction I am heading is a quilt that is too long for the width. My goal this weekend is to get all the blocks made and the top back and batting pinned and ready for quilting. I also need to make a bag to put the pink scrap quilt in. The bag will serve as the gift wrapping.

I have added today a short video clip of me machine quilting. My ex-cousin by marriage shot it for me very quickly. I needed it for an art show that I was participating last December at the Akron Art Museum. I had a feeling people were going to be asking me how I did the quilting on the quilts I was displaying and I was right. I played the video many times. Tonight is the battle of the bands that was posponed from last Friday due to the snow storm. I am going to try and take video and post it so that is why I posted the video of me machine quilting. I needed to see if would work - that is if I could actually post a video!

Have a great and productive weekend.

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