Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Oh yeah!

I hit the stitching hard last evening while watching the TDF stage that I taped. I finished stitching around the AC/DC and I got the border done!

If I focus really hard tonight maybe I can get this shirt done. I need to add the date and add some stitching around the figure and background. When I left work yesterday the car thermostat read 102 degrees!

It is not suppose to be as hot today so maybe I will break down and mow at least the front yard. The tour has a rest day today so I won't have to worry about watching that. I did some dishes this morning and only have a couple things left so that won't take too much of my evening up. I can do laundry between stitching and mowing.

Peter Sagan won yesterdays stage by 3/4 of an inch - yes it was that close! He also still is wearing the green jersey. I know the pictures are terrible. I took them with my iPhone from the VCR tape, but it is what it is. Have a great day!

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