Thursday, July 14, 2016

Done and still moving

I finished the stitching on the Back in Black t-shirt last night - yeah!

I have these patches which I may add, but that will be done with the sewing machine once all the embroidery is done.

Instead of putting the dates on the High Voltage shirt, I decided I needed some easy work so there is this shirt. All I plan to do is stitch around the figure and the AC/DC. This is a shirt back so once I get the shirt front done I will add the border.

Here is what the shirt looks like in progress. For some reason the fuchsia satin floss is being a real challenge to stitch with. It wants to fluff up and not lay down nicely. I am using short pieces to stitch with so that adds to the stitching time with all the stops and starts.

Peter Sagan won yesterday's stage and accumulated more points in the green jersey competition. He has won the green jersey every year he has participated in the tour which is the last four years. Ignore the names in the crawl at the bottom of the pictures.

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Vicki W said...

I hope you Have an equally productive weekend. ...yu are making great progress!