Monday, March 28, 2016

What a weekend

It was a busy, tiring weekend. Saturday I helped with the band. They were playing a private party. We left my brother's house at 4:15 and I got home at 11:45. The load in and load out went very easy for once.

While I sat at the venue by the merchandise booth I knitted. My scarf is now 44" long.

I was still tired when I got up on Sunday. I quilted a bit and made a batch of cutout cookies to take to my brother's for lunch. There were 10 of us for lunch. Here is some of food. Some of the veggies and the bake potatoes are not on the table yet.

It was so nice outside that we ate outside and watched the deer in the backyard. My SIL feeds the deer and talks to them all the time. The deer are pretty tame.

I now have 80% of the quilting done on the Nocturne quilt. I varied the size of the line quilting from wider at the top to narrower at the bottom.


Charlene S said...

This weekend we had a wedding on Saturday so I understand about being tired on Sunday. It is however a day of prayer and rest. Nocturne is looking great. I love watching your progress. It inspires me to try quilting one day. How is the collection of AC/DC shirts going?

QuiltSwissy said...

Looking good! I need to clear my sewing space up and do a qilt on the Husqvarna. It has been a while since I used it for quilting. there is something soothing about using your whole body to quilt a piece!

Vicki W said...

Nocturne is coming along beautifully!