Friday, March 11, 2016

Great progress and a list for the weekend

I made some great progress on the Nocturne quilt. I have a bit more than half of the patches sewn together.

I noticed that a few crocus that were transplanted by the squirrels had come up. The deer have also missed eating these. It was nice to see them. I had brought them with me when I had moved and thought they were so pretty with their purple stripes.

My brother called me last evening, that is brother Bob, and asked if I would make a quilt for a baby boy not born yet named Oliver. I said I think I have one in my stash. It is for friends of one of the other techs he is touring with. I found this one, sent a picture, and it was approved.

I had made this one in 2014 as my submission for the American Made contest for QuiltCon. It was not accepted, but it will make a lovely baby quilt. Here you can see the detail for the free motion machine quilting I did on this piece.

I received one of the AC/DC t-shirts I won off of ebay yesterday. I need more, but everyone I get my hands on helps the cause!

Bob also sent me pictures and measurements for the cover I need to make for these amps. The cover I had made them a couple years ago is pretty beat up as it has been around the world so they want a new one.

So my list for the weekend has grown:
1. finish the Nocturne quilt
2. make a label for Oliver's quilt (it will be shipped to Bob along with another baby quilt for Florence, miscellaneous mail, and the amp cover)
3. finish the pink scarf
4. make the new amp cover
5. clean up the studio for company coming on Sunday afternoon. I am meeting a lady who wants to get into quilting. I don't know if she has any sewing experience, but I guess I will find out on Sunday. The woman is the sister of a couple of fellows that are friends of my brothers and that I know.

I guess this is a long enough list! No messing around for me this weekend! Have a great weekend!

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QuiltSwissy said...

Why did I not see that quilt? You should have sent it to me immediately! LOL.