Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ad Hoc Improv Quilt group and progress on all fronts

I link up to Fret Not Yourself and Sew Slowly's AHIQ posts. This is an on-line group that gets me and my work! I have acquired a few more AC/DC t-shirts for my piece for the Akron Art Prize event this summer. It will be made in the spirit of the piece I did last year which was improv pieced, free motion quilted, and embroidered. That pieced is shown in my bog banner. I have another shirt on it's way, but I still would like a few more. I am trying to get a shirt that represents every studio album they have made. The ones I have bought so far are a mix of reproductions and vintage. Vintage shirts are expensive! I have been trying to stay under $10.00 a shirt, but I might have to break that rule to get the shirts I need. Here is the what I have so far.

I worked on the Nocturne quilt and I am now 58% done with the quilting. I didn't get as much done as I wanted last evening - I had to do some cooking and dishes needed done.

I knitted at lunch yesterday and now my scarf is 12 1/2" long.


Ann said...

What fun to be on the hunt for the perfect fabrics -in your case, the missing shirts! I really like Nocturne. I made some string blocks this winter to clear out the scrap bag. Lately I've been thinking about a white to black baby quilt. Nice to see how it might look. ;-)
Thanks so much for linking to AHIQ. It's always good to see your unique mix of layout, embellishment, and quilting.

Anonymous said...

Nocturne is beautiful! The gradation worked so well.

Have fun with the T-shirt quilt and finding the right shirt to complete the layout.

QuiltSwissy said...

I had never thought much about the differences in color of the hand dyed yarns for your scarfs. Interesting. But when I think aobut it, it does make sense!

Nocturne is really looking good, more than half way! I think you need to come live with me for the summer and go through my fabrics and pull great pieces out like this for me to make! LOL. (McGee gets really hungry during the summer months, LOL)

Mary Marcotte said...

I really like your Nocturne quilt! It's interesting to see the gradation and I bet those fabrics are stunning. I tried to look at them individually but they are so well matched that it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between them.

The scarf is a beautiful, rich color. You must really like grays and blacks on your music shirts. lol You'll be able to wear the scarf to your next concert.

Kaja said...

The Nocturne fabrics are lovely and you have made really good use of them. You are more than half way with the quilting too!

Good luck with your t-shirt hunt. My big sons probably had some of these long ago, but sadly not any more (and they wore things until they fell to pieces anyway!)

Thanks for linking up with AHIQ - it's always fun to see what you've been up to.

janie krig said...

Beautiful work all around.
AC DC does rock.
I'm learning to make t-shirt quilts too. There's a lot
of different ways to make them!