Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What a ride!

Monday afternoon I worked on binding the doggie quilts. It took me about 5 hours. Here they are done. The doggies quilts were for Nils Lofgren. On Tuesday when we got to the concert my brother told me he gave four to Nils because he has 4 dogs not 8. Alrighty then I made 4 extra!! He said he would give the others to some other deserving dogs and I was fine with that. Nils and his wife love the quilts!

Then I made the slide guitar cover (for Nils). I quilted flannel to the car cover fabric so that the flannel was the nice soft lining. I drew out the dimensions as sewed it together.


Next was the road case cover made out of Duvetyne which is a flame resistant fabric. This cover was for a case my brother uses. It was 10:30 p.m. and I called it a day.

I was up and sewing at 6 a.m. Tuesday. I made a large pedal board cover and one for Michael

and then started on the two smaller ones. I needed to get these done and delivered to my brother Mike's house by 11 a.m. so that his son could take them up early to the venue. Michael was going to hang backstage with his Uncle Bob. Mike, my SIL Robin, and I went up later. I had also made a pedal board cover for Michael while I was at it, but the one I made and tried on his board on Saturday was a bit small. I tried a new design and we tried the new one on before he left for Cleveland and it fit much better. Here is all the stuff he took up with him.

The two smaller covers were too big so I get a text with the real dimensions from Michael and was to bring them up to the show. Now this was at 1 p.m. and in addition he wanted one more cover in black. Here I thought I was done for the day! So it was back to the sewing machine. I thought we might have to hook up power to my sewing machine so I could sew on my way to Cleveland! I got these three done at 4, quickly got ready, drove to Mike's house, and we left a little after 5 for Cleveland. I know these don't look like much, but they fit perfect and my brother was very happy. They are about 11.5 x 5.5, 3" tall at the back and 2" at the front. I can feel it in my shoulders today from stretching the elastic. By the way, all the rest of the covers fit so that was a relief!

Tomorrow I will show the tour we got of the backstage area. The amount of equipment is mindboggling!

Tonight I am going to shovel out my studio. It is a disaster! I had no time to be neat! There are scraps, thread, and bits everywhere! I also need to check my inventory of car cover fabric. The tech for Bruce needs a new cover for his amps. I asked if there was a problem with the other one I made, and he said the cover has gotten pretty beat up from going around the world! I think I kept the dimensions.


QuiltSwissy said...

Oh yes, photos of backstage! What a great thing to have done!

At least the extra 4 quilts were small! Can you imagine 4 of the ones you spend a month working on? And 4 deserving dogs will get a new blanket!


Lisa Filion said...

you are like the energizer bunny.... do you ever stop?! :-)