Monday, February 22, 2016

I am living in Crazyville!

Too much to do and going on. I feel like I am running in place. Friday I spent all day at training for work. I thought the work day would never end. I was able to knit while I listened. I got my scarf done. I still need to weave in the yarn ends though.

I then worked on a baby blanket that I had started last year while the training continued. I would ask as question once in awhile so they knew I was paying attention. I knitted from the tie on and almost knitted the entire skein. I have about 16 more rows and the knitting will be done on this. I will crochet the edges to give them a pretty finish.

Once I got home I had to do some cleaning up, because my brother was going to be coming over on Saturday to deliver my new mattress that we were going to Cleveland to get Saturday morning. My brother and his wife needed to firm up the kitchen cabinet order and put some money down so I went with them, took my pillow to try out mattresses. The fellows at Northeast Furniture Direct said I was the first person they ever saw bring their own pillow! They got a big kick out of that. This was not a cheap decision to make so I wanted to make sure I was totally comfortable with which mattress I picked. Here is my old sad Sleep Number bed. Look how the sides have bowed out!

Here's the new one. It is comfortable. It sits much higher so it is a bit tougher to get into bed and I forget how high it is in the middle of the night so it is quite a jolt when I hit the floor!

So we are at the place in Cleveland, it's packed with shoppers, my SIL had an appointment but the consultant was running behind with the people from her first appointment so my SIL was a bit frazzled. Then she went with me to check out mattresses, then my brother checked it out and the back and forth just went on and on. It was nuts! We finally got the mattress loaded and headed back. It of course took longer than we thought and we all needed to get back. My SIL is a teacher and had work to do, I had sewing, and my nephew who we picked up on the way back to help get the mattress into my house (it was heavy!) had homework.

So I am back from Cleveland and I see deer in the backyard. Not just deer but bucks! I rarely see bucks and there were three! I tossed out the remaining old apples and pears to see if they would walk up the hill to my yard for a snack and two of them did.
Here is a very young buck and an eight pointer.

The third one in this picture it on the right side of the tree trunk and down the hill so you can see his head and rack. His rack kind of blends in with the brush. He looked like a 8 or 10 pointer. I probably shot an hour watching them! I should have been sewing.

I did get seven out of the eight doggies quilts quilted between Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night I had made a prototype of a pedal board cover for my nephew so I could try it on his board on Saturday since I was at his house anyway. I am glad I did this as there are a few adjustments I need to make.

Sunday I had to run to Jo Ann's and get more clear vinyl as I didn't have enough on hand.

I got some pieces and parts cut out for the pedal board covers and the steel guitar cover I am making for my brother, but have so much work yet to do. I haven't even cut out the fabric for the road case cover yet. I am taking a half day vacation this afternoon to sew and possibly vacation tomorrow morning too in order to get all of this done. I have to give all this stuff for my nephew to take up tomorrow afternoon as my brother is taking him up early so he can hang back stage with his uncle. That way I don't have to worry about getting this stuff through security.

My sister and her husband are coming into town next week so after this sewing stuff I have to get things ready for them. Maybe after that things will quiet back down.


QuiltSwissy said...

I would definitely say you needed a new mattress!

Those deer are spectacular. Didn't you have deer twins in your yard last year or the year before that?

Vicki W said...

Holy cow. You are in crazyville!

Paula, the quilter said...

So, Patty, how old was your old Sleep Number bed? Just curious.