Tuesday, January 19, 2016

T-shirt progress - RIP Glen, Mic, and Dale

I quilted last evening and this morning before work. I was up early for no particular reason so I thought I would quilt a bit. I got 548.75 square inches quilted which means I now am 47% done with the quilting. Here are the two shirts now done.

It took over an hour to do the bright yellow/green Universal Studios shirt since I outlined much of the design. Here is a picture of the back so you can see a bit the outlining.

With the t-shirts quilt I usually just neatly backstitch the starts and stops.

I did get a bit of knitting done at lunch and after work. The new scarf is now 13" long.

So sad Glen Frey is gone. I remember when he played a pilot in a episode of Miami Vice taking Crockett and Tubbs to Columbia to chase after some drug smugglers. Glen's song Smuggler's Blues was featured in the episode. I never got to see the Eagles live, but their music lives on my iPod. RIP Glen Frey.

On Sunday Mic Gillette, horn player for The Tower of Power died. One of their hits was Ain't nothin' stoppin' us now. Then Dale Griffin from Mott the Hoople died. This is starting to make me feel old. RIP guys.


Vicki W said...

You are right about feeling old!

QuiltSwissy said...

LOL....I was wondering why you were writing me off! This sure has been a bad month for the music world. I guess the band they are putting together in heaven will rock on!