Friday, January 22, 2016

My quilting set up and a little progress

I have had a couple of comments that I will answer in this post. One comment was about handling the free motion quilting for heavy quilts. My machine fits down in a cabinet and I have two tables, one behind my cabinet, and one to the left, which gives me a big area for the quilt to lay. I have these tables in the corner so the quilt won't fall off the edge of the tables. I also have two heavy folding TV trays that I set up to my left to also help support the quilt as I work on it. I will take the TV trays down when I don't need them. The TV trays, cabinet and tables were all made by my Dad years ago. I gave him measurements and he made the tables to fit my space.

Another comment was about sewing at lunch. Since I work 1.1 miles from where the job site is located where I am working right now, I go home everyday for lunch and can get a bit of something done - sewing, dishes, laundry, or whatever. I am so lucky I can do this. Once the project I am on is finished, that will not be the case. At lunch yesterday I got this two small areas quilted. I am now 75% done with the machine quilting.

My plans for the weekend will be to finish this quilt and figure out my next project.

Have a great weekend and keep those comments/questions coming!


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

Your set up is awesome! I have my sewing table up against the wall, cutting table set up to the left to stop it from falling off that side. My sewing table also has an extension that extends to table to my left. I have never taken that extension down!

Watching you progress on this quilt has been so much fun!! And can I say that your stippling looks fabulous? I'm jealous, cannot do stipple to save my life and I always marvel at people who can do it well! :)

AND, how exciting. . . new project!!! :D

QuiltSwissy said...

What a nice place to quilt and a wonderful legacy from your dad. Mine did woodwork too, i miss that.

I would have a nice place too, if I can ever dig it out........