Monday, January 18, 2016

Finished scarf and the t-shirt quilt

Amelia Quilts and Maartje Quilts - your email address comes to me as You need to enable your email address in your Google Blogger profile, then scroll down and SAVE. Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on my first finish for 2016.

I got the scarf finished on Saturday. I just couldn't stop knitting. I didn't realize how much I missed knitting. The scarf is 9" wide by 71" long.

Unfortunately I tried it on and there is a bit too much scarf width wise for my short neck.

The pattern had called for 41 stitches and I had cut it down to 35, but once I fold the scarf in half it is just too much bulk. No problem, I will just knit another one! No I am not taking it apart! The lady that cuts my hair wants me to knit her a scarf so I will take it to her my next appointment and see if it works for her or if she needs a narrower one like the new one I started on Sunday. This one is 25 stitches which will be about 5 1/2" wide. I am using a size 6 needle.

My next quilting project is to finish my nephew's t-shirt quilt I started in November or December. It will be done before the deadline of March 4 when my sister comes to Ohio. The quilt is all pin basted and I had started free motion machine quilting it on my home machine a Pfaff 1475CD. One thing I forgot to do was use my nephew's baby blanket or as he called it a "lanky" as part of the back. So I spent a bit over an hour yesterday removing the pin basting from one corner of the quilt, cutting the backing, and sewing in the lanky.

Here is the lanky

I pulled the top and batting back and made a cut to remove the backing to the seam line.

The lanky wasn't wide enough so I had to trim the backing and attach a piece to the lanky. I has also interfaced the lanky since the fabric was pretty thin after lots of use and many washes.

I then sewed the lanky section back to the backing

Next was sewing the seam back together. You may wonder why I did not cut off the selvages. I prewash all my fabric and the salvages did not shrink up so I didn't bother cutting them off.

Next I straightened out the quilt, laid bricks to hold the quilt in place, and taped down the backing so I could pin baste the quilt back together.

Done and ready to quilt!

I worked on quilting it and I now am 39% done. The top row was already done, but I worked on the t-shirts down the right side yesterday.

I am going to try to get at least one or two t-shirts quilted each night so maybe I will be able to finish this one in the next two weeks. I would like to have at least two finishes for January and the t-shirt would be one UFO completed also.


Vicki W said...

I like that you are 39% done. Not 40, but 39! I feel sure you will have this 100% done by the end of the month.

QuiltSwissy said...

I still don't have a burning desire to get anything done for some reason. I will have to double up in another month......