Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Musical quilt is almost done

I finished all the big striped blocks except I need to bury the loose ends on the last two blocks. I got started on quilting the red and white triangles and I love the look of the red thread on the back. It give the back a fun pop of color!

I am pretty sure I can finish the quilting tonight.

My brother called me yesterday. He is on hiatus from Springsteen, but he does work for many other bands so those bands have been keeping him busy. He told me the wives of two of the members of the band he is with right now are expecting in February and March so he would like a quilt for each. I said of course! I will let you know after I get the quilts made who they are for. I need to look for more fabric with drums on them. Drummer's wives seem to be having babies these days!

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Elaine M said...

Fun quilt, love the texture on the back.