Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Next project

Here is a look at the materials for my next project. There is a sweet fellow at the art museum and he is graduating with his master's this fall. He gave me a bunch of his old clothes to make a wall hanging sized piece. These items are sentimental that no longer fit.

The man that delivers our copies paper was here yesterday. He is an avid bike rider and noticed that my bike seat was a bit out of wack. I have always had a problem getting that seat to stay where I wanted it to stay. The man fixed it and it was so much easier riding home last evening! Glen, my seat is one of those comfort seats, but since I haven't ridden in while and it was not aligned correctly it was giving my bum fits. Thanks for the info that may come in handy in the future!


Brenda said...

what a great colour palette in the clothes. I hope the bike seat adjustment makes your ride easier!

QuiltSwissy said...

Glad u got the seat worked out. It can be uncomfortable if u don't have the right fit!

I am excited about your new project and can't wait to see what u do with all those great shirts. I have a shadows quilt made with shirts, well, it is in my UFO box. I may have to dig it out soon!