Monday, October 28, 2013

10th finish for 2013, the big move, and a gig

Can I even describe how tired I have been with the big move? No, only total exhaustion comes close. We moved boxes and furniture on Thursday and Friday; Monday thru Wednesday it was packing hauling files and drawings to the basement storage room and hauling trash and recycling out to the back of the building. Here is what the place looked like on Thursday

I spent Thrusday and Friday afternoon putting stuff away - I lost count at 55. So here is what I have left to find a home for:

Saturday night the band had a gig so I helped unload and load the equipment - yes, I was still tired, but I soldiered thru. Unfortunately it was too cold to set up at the outdoor stage
They had a tiny indoor stage at the one end of the restaurant/bar.
During the break, we celebrated my brother's birthday. See the quilt is on the back of the booth?
Here is the Halloween quilt, my 10th finish for the year.

Mike was quite surprised and love the quilt.

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QuiltSwissy said...

it looks fabulous! Happy b-day Mike!