Friday, July 27, 2012

The weekend's activities

Last night I worked at the museum and despite the pouring rain (YEAH!!!) we had a pretty good crowd. The band, Speedbumps, was very good. Much of the crowd was there to go to the lecture being given by Al Bright, an artist from Youngstown. He is the gentleman in the suit and tie. After I served Mr. Bright a beer, I got to talk to him awhile - very nice man! I wish I could have gone to the lecture, but I had to man my station and sell beer. The lecture was suppose to be a half hour, but after 55 minutes the doors to the auditorium were still closed so there must have been a lot of questions!

I did get two more blocks done for the drum quilt.

This is going to be an action packed weekend! My friend Peg is coming to quilt. This will be the first time she will see the bedroom that I fixed up last year for her. So tonight is all about making the bed for her, food prep, and straightening up a bid in the studio. Here is a picture of the room before I installed the bed.

Early Saturday morning I have a haircut appointment and Peg will be coming around noontime. We plan on going to the Akron Art Museum so Peg can see the El Anatsui exhibit. Sunday is all about sewing and then we will head over to Cuyhoga Falls about 6 p.m. for the Italian festival so she can see my nephew's band play. The venue is right next to the interstate so it will be easy for Peg to jump on the interstate Sunday night to head home.

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QuiltSwissy said...

I am glad to see you have a room ready for when I come to visit! LOL.

The music quilt is looking really good. Great finds for those piano fabrics.