Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red Olivia quilt and bead pins

I worked on the red Olivia quilt last evening. I got the center sewn together plus two of the borders - the bottom name border and the left one.

After staring at it a bit, I decided that I needed to put a striped border on the bottom too. I moved the top border down just to see and I like it! So I will cut more fabric and get that pieced. I improv pieced the striped border to contrast with the ridgid straight pieced center. I think the striped improv border livens the quilt up.

I sent Karen in CT at The Selvage Blog some silk scraps for a quilt she was making and she sent me some of her bead pins! They are beautiful! I have a design wall that I hang small pieces I have collected from other quilters and there are a few pieces of my own. So instead of using just straight pins to hang them I now have some beautiful bead pins to hang them with.

Thank you Karen!

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