Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress on the step zig zag quilt and more fabric?!!

I quilted a bit last evening and have 15% of the step zig zag quilt quilted. I decided to experiment with this giveaway quilt and throw in some circle swirls every once in awhile as I quilted my signature triple teardrop pattern. I just wanted to see how it would work and I kind of like it.

I was looking at the sale fabric on fabric.com and found a couple more orange fabrics for the quilt I will be making my niece for her graduation present. I just had to had those big polka dots and the fabric with the morterboards was just the ticket to add to the orange fabric I have been collecting. I think I have enough now for this project which will be her t-shirts from growing up.

Here are all the oranges

I also bought these fabrics for three different projects. The peace sign fabric will be for a pillowcase for one of my nephews for xmas, the piano fabric is for that theme quilt I need to make for the end of November, and I just had to have a little bit of the bicycle fabric.

I was gifted these two jars of jam yesterday - blueberry/raspberry and strawberry/rubarb. They will be wonderful with some homemade yogurt!


QuiltSwissy said...

--Who woulda thought orange mortarboards!

Love those jams, I am making watermelon rind preserves this week.


upstateLisa said...

your quilting is beautiful!