Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More progress on the LLVL quilt, a new appliance, and Stage 2

I quilted while I watched/listened to Stage 2 of the TDF last evening. I like to tape the live broadcast that airs in the morning then watch it after work. I am about 75% completed with the quilting on the LLVL quilt. My goal is to have the completed quilt to show you on Thursday.

Did I get a new stove? A new fridge? No, I got a appliance for my mouth to keep me from grinding my teeth. I did not know I was grinding my teeth at night, but my dentist of more than 20 years says I am.

Stage 2 was 128.9 miles long and here is Tony Martin's arm to show you how dedicated these guys are to riding in this event. He has a plastic cast on his wrist and two plasters (bandages) that were needed after a crash in Stage 1. You have to ride and finish every day or your out.

Mark Cavandish won the stage- Yeah, Mark!

Fabian Cancellara is still in yellow

My boy, Peter Sagan, is the sprint point leader in the green jersey. He is leading Cavandish by only 3 points. Check out those podium girls' dresses!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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Vicki W said...

I can chew up one of those night guards like a champ! It won't stop you from grinding but it will protect your teeth. I've used a couple of different kinds from the dentist but find that the youth mouth guards from WalMart (about $2) work just as well. For me though I have to be careful because that's what messes up my jaw too. Good luck with it!