Monday, July 16, 2012

20th qult done for 2012

Here is the step zig zag done. I got the label sewn on it along with labels on two other quilts that will be given away shortly.

I spent time on Saturday afternoon doing some alterations before leaving for Cleveland to here my nephew's band play.

The band did a great job. It was just sad that the bar owner passed the tip jar during Michael's performance, but gave all the tips to the headliner! The place was packed when Michael played, but by the time the headliner played there was only about twenty people left. The band played on Sunday, but I didn't go. I was just so tired from being woken up Friday night/Saturday morning at 2 am with my jaw hurting from that new mouth guard. I took some Excedrin, but I could not go back to sleep. I ended up taking some of the pain killer I have left from surgery last fall and it helped, but even today my jaw is still sore even though I quit wearing the guard. I go back to the dentist Wednesday and something will need adjusted.

Do you have any big fat plastic straws that you can't find a brush to clean them? I did, but I found a brush on ebay from serenitystraws. The brush worked great and now my straws are nice and clean! This picture shows my straw before I cleaned it.

I now have five quilts I need to get done this year. Sunday I worked on two of them. I need to have these done for October and that should not be a problem as much as I got done yesterday.

My boy, Peter Sagan, is still leading the green points jersey race. He help to consolidate his lead by making it over two mountains on yesteday's stage in the breakway leadout group of eleven riders and getting 20 points at the intermediate sprint. He lost the stage by less than a half a wheel.

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QuiltSwissy said...

What do your labels say? Do u stamp them? Cool!!

Congrats on 20!!

I use the big fuzzy pipe cleaners for our straws.

Now you got me thinking about those labels.....